The transportation sector is one of the essential parts of the economy, and over the years, train transport has provided cheap, clean and efficient means of transportation. So which of the train systems can be called the best metro system? Let’s take a look at some of the metro systems that ranks as the best train system today.

Hong Kong

Everyone that has joined the city of Hong Kong using the metro system will always appreciate how the train system is managed. The Hong Kong train system is renowned for the cheap, regular, convenient, well-signpost and excellently clean network that connects almost all the parts of the city even into the rural areas. Every station has free Wi-Fi, tactile flooring and Braille plates for disabled travelers, banks, shops, restaurants and public washrooms. There is no timetable or scheduled plan for commuters, the trains turn up every few minutes, and the passengers can buy tickets from the automated ticket machines. This makes it fast and convenient always to move around using the train system in Hong Kong.


The Seoul Metro system is managed by three different companies fully funded by the state government. The train system transports over 7 million passengers every day on nine lines. Apart from offering commuters Free Wi-Fi and cell phone services, the Seoul metro system has many subway trains fully fitted with climate control systems and cable TVs. You will enjoy the warm toasty seats while taking a ride in the winter. This metro system leads all another train system when it comes to the kind of technology they have in place in all their stations. The metro station is one of the significant showpieces the country boasts about in the international scene. The only issue with this train system is that they close early, the trains shut down at midnight on weekdays and even early on weekends.


This train system was set up as a result of the amalgamation of several transit-services-provides, this event happened in 2000 and gave birth to the rise of SMRT. Over 600 million commuters use the SMRT every year, and it has become the most popular means of transportation in Singapore. The major problem faced by this train system is the lack of EZ-Link ticket card at most stations. This is the reason for the long lines of commuters’ cueing up for the ticket.


The London underground station was also known as the London tube is the world’s first underground metro station ever. The metro station opened in 1863 and had not failed to impress the general public since it’s inception.  The train system is cheap, fast, with air-conditioned coaches and frees Wi-Fi, this is relatively the best mode of transportation in the expensive city. The London underground train system ferries over 1 billion commuters yearly, making it the most used system of transport in the city.


Paris train system has 245 stations over 14 lines and covers 87 square kilometers of the town. The metro system is prevalent as the people don’t fancy walking around. Paris metro system is amongst the top-five busiest city-rail services in the world with over 1.5 billion passengers in a year. However, the system needs to upgrade some of its coaches to meet the current technological standards of the modern train station.