Trains are some of the oldest means of transportation of the modern world. Their beautiful history begun more than one hundred years ago and ever since they stayed one of the best methods of transportation. We see thousands of miles of railroads crossing every country and some train trips became world famous. Given the fact that they travel with a rather constant speed, they are very reliable. Often, people choose to travel with a train over-night to a distant location because it is usually cheaper than the plane. But if you haven’t traveled with a train very often it is sometimes tricky to choose what to take with you. We have listed some of the best things to take with you on a train trip in order to help you have a fun and comfortable trip.

Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable clothes and light shoes. Most of the trains travelers already know that there will be a lot of sitting and at some point, you will want to adopt a comfortable position. Jeans are a very bad choice because they are not made for being worn hours after hours and if you want to lay down a bit they will prove very uncomfortable. Try some sports pants and bring some socks with you too. If you take a night train but have no sleeping place you will take off your shoes at some point. Most of the trains have AC and this will make you feel very cold if you don’t have socks and comfortable clothing.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Take a blanket and a small pillow if you going to have the sleeping compartment or the normal one. Sometimes the train company forgets about these during the night or they may be unwashed, depending on the situation. It is better to have your own for sanitary and comfort reasons. On some trains it is recommended to have some very thick blankets because they pass regions that are very cold at night.

Stay Entertained

Have something to read. Whether we are talking about the classic book or an electronic device, it is good to have something to do during the trip, especially if you are traveling alone. Make sure that your Kindle is charged an enjoy a good read while you are sitting in the train. It is also good to take a laptop or a tablet but keep in mind that during the night you may have to take care of them. Bring an external battery or a charger for your phone. Most trains have places where you can easily charge your phone but in case you travel with some low-cost trains you might have to bring your own power source.

Food and Snacks

Bring water and something to eat. Most of the trains have vending machines or places from where you can buy these, but it is better to be extra cautions and bring everything you need from the start. Make sure that the food is not the type that will go bad quickly.