The lengthy span of trains does not prevent them from moving around at high speed and because they don’t fly over stuff like airplanes doesn’t mean they cannot run just as them. We bring you the world fastest trains and their speed will amaze.

  • Taiwan, 10 THSR 700T
  • Speed: 186.4 mph

The THSR 700T is a number of fast trains with complex facilities  in Taiwan. This fantastic train service came into the business on 2007 and first operated between Kaohsiung and Taipei city. The THSR 700T shortens the commute time between these places from about 5 hours to a shocking 90 minutes.

The 700T train is has car sets of 12  and the engine system is complex. About 8-9  of the carsgives power for the train. This makes it very fast and swift. The trains are manufactured by a conglomerate of some major firms in japen- Nippon Sharyo, Hitachi and the Kawasaki heavy industries. The strong  motors enables the train moves from 0 to 186.4 mph in less than 20 minutes. The  trains adopt the European safety requirement and boost of enhanced safety features like the instability detection system, bi-directional operation, and station stopping control and fire and smoke detectors.

Just 30 of the trains are running under the Taiwan  regulations currently. Each of the 700T trains has  8-12 standard carriage  and one business class carriage. The THSR 700T cars are soundproof so they will give the passengers real-time information about the travel.

  • Italy ETR 500 Frecciarossa Train
  • Speed: 186.4 mph

The ETR 500 is currently the best train service in Italy. The Trenitalia company manages this train service. At the top speed of 186,4 mph, the ETR 500 will get to Rome from Milan in less than 3 hours of flight. They are currently 28 non-stop ETR 500 trains that run between Milan and Rome. The ETR 500 train is an improved version of the Italian high-speed train. The ETR are designed by a conglomerate of Bombardier, Alstom, and AnsaldoBreda. The train has four main cabins, Standard carriage, business carriage, premium carriage and executive carriage. The train gives passengers  free Wi-Fi and are soundproof.

  • France , SNCF TGV Duplex
  • Speed: 198.8 mph

This is one of the best train service in France. The super TGV Duplex train can attain a maximum speed of 198.8mph and manage by the SNCF company. The railway company started their business in 2011. The TGV Duplex is a fast  train that cuts across the major parts of France. The train service is very comfortable with 508 seats.

TGV Duplex train  is made by Alstom manufacturing company. The company makes use of aluminum to construct the railroad to reduce the weight. The train also has a stiff passenger compartment that is designed to protect the passengers from accidents.

The TGV Duplex train has three main carriage for commuters- the standard carriage, the first class carriage  and the TGV pro Carriage. You will find comfortable seats, and even a snack vending machine in the standard course. The first class has comfy reclining seats, sockets for your electrical devices and even individual reading lamps for your study. The TGV Pro class provides spacious places, , magazines, newspapers, and a welcome drink.