Truth to be told, taking a train can become a life-changing experience, thanks to all of the modern features most caravans have to suit every single one of the needs of their beloved passengers.

In fact, the railway industry has changed a lot throughout the last couple of decades, and while some people may actually think that there’s not much you can do to improve the good old designs, well, there absolutely is. Either because you need to get somewhere else pretty fast, or just because you want to enjoy the ride while traveling by one point to another, there are plenty of reasons why one would much rather travel by train instead of taking a different kind of transportation. Moreover, there are a handful of trains that are impressive enough to be worthy of taking a tour on them, and there’s just no way anybody should pass on the opportunity of taking a ride on them, should they have the chance to. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the top 3 most modern trains in the world:

3) Seven Stars – Kyushu, Japan:

The Seven Stars train is the first luxury bed-train of Japan. It features huge showers and Rooms that would make you think about any 5 star hotel in the world, completely hand carved in Japanese wood. This train favors a top-notch passenger experience with their high-technology automatic doors, as silent as the sound of a feather hitting the floor, and people can use it to get around the Kyushu island. Its perfectly planned schedules allow passengers to enjoy every single time of their traveling experience, as well as being able to take a couple of pictures of the local landscapes and meet the natives. Moreover, most of the money invested in its building was destined towards its aesthetics, as it features one of the biggest Japanese art collections in the world, even featured limited edition toilets.

2) AGV Italo – Italy

The AGV Italo is considered to be one of the most modern trains ever, as it can go as fast as 365 mph, even though it’s official traveling speed is 223 mph, which is also pretty impressive for such a big caravan.From paperless tickets to free Wi-Fi, this train can take you to Turin, Milan, Firenze, Rome, and Naples, while also taking care of the environment thanks to its ecological sustainability, safety and top-notch customer experience. Also, this train is extremely silent both on and off the cabins, and was built off 98% recyclable material, and it features its own multimedia platform called Italo Live to keep its passengers entertained. Last but not least, it Smart Cinema cabin with 39 seats and 8 19’’ tvs, as well as its mouth-watering menu at the Eataly restaurant, are more than enough reasons to travel across Italy aboard of the AGV Italo.

1) Shiki-Shima – Japan:

Besides being one of the most modern trains in the world, the Shiki-Shima is also one of the newest and most exclusive ever, as it can only take as much as 34 passengers per trip, according to reports.This highly luxurious Japanese caravan counts with 10 cabins, two of which count with panoramic views that promise to take their lucky passenger’s breaths away in the blink of an eye. Completely stacked with Japanese design and pieces of art, the Shiki-Shima favors a relaxing and comfortable traveling experience for up to three nights for between 2.771$ to 6.716$ per passenger.

Moreover, they’ll make sure you’ll make your money’s worth, as they’ll take you to some of the most beautiful and mythical places of Japan, like Naruko Thermals, the Hirosaki castle, and the Nikko Toshogu sanctuary.