In the world of mobile applications, we can find almost everything: from apps to detect ghosts to apps to find out if the watermelon we are going to buy is mature (although it seems incredible, these are real examples).

Therefore, it is not surprising that the train services have a good number of apps, both to know schedules or buy tickets, to save on the purchase of tickets or even play games on it. So, we have made a research of the available apps for different mobile devices and we have compiled which are the most useful when traveling by train.


CityMapper is the great veteran of the category. They even claim to have created their own bus line in London. Something they could create after knowing the way everyone moves and circulate around the British capital.

They looked for routes between unconnected neighborhoods, to avoid transshipments and line changes. It started as a punctual initiative, which has ended up being part of the municipal transport structure of the city.

But let’s go to what matters: what does it offer? From the beginning, you see that it has a wide variety of options that can be overwhelming. It recommends you from walking routes to commuter lines.


Movit is an app that is rising as days go by, besides having all the features that you can find on CittyMapper, Moovit finds better routes and has more options for commuting and even lets you connect to Uber App, thus making Movit the great contender to the throne held by CittyMapper.

Actually, the differences between the two are in the details. This platform, for example, has an agreement with Cabify. But when it comes to trips by bike, walking, metro or bus both offer similar features, results, and services with similar reliability, just go with the one that adapts best for your style and needs.

Google Maps

Google has its wonderful app (one of the most used ones) on Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to see every single route you can use, be it walking, car, bike, trains and others. Just click your destination and wait until it loads.

When you select the route you want, it can actually tell you where the bus or train you’re waiting is, and how long will it take it to get to you, and it updates the traveling time as you move around, if you’re walking, it will tell you when to turn and into what street, if you’re using a bike, it will tell you the elevation you’ll take on the route.

If you’re driving or moving on a bus, it will show if there are any traffic jams on your way. As a personal opinion, it is one of the most used apps on Android for just one reason: it comes preinstalled in any android device, making it the easiest choice for people, and the Google Street View cars that are always taking pictures, a feature unique to Google Maps that will help people locate themselves.