Traveling by train may be quite a profound experience, even if most people aren’t really aware of it at all, as, they can offer way more than just a mean of transportation and beautiful landscapes.

To travel by train is always going to open up the door for some incredible things to happen. You can meet the love of your life, have the time of your life, and enjoy great food at a fair price while moving from place A to place B. Even so, there are still a handful of people that don’t think the railway industry has much to offer them, but they couldn’t be more wrong, as train-traveling is arguably the best way to go around the world, and that’s why today, we’ll show you the 5 biggest perks of traveling by train:

5. Landscapes

Unlike other means of transportation, such as planes, traveling by train allows us to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround us. Either if it’s day or night, you just need to take a look out the window and you’ll be in for a treat.Also, you can take a glimpse of many different kinds of landscapes as you go on your adventure, from mountains to gardens to small towns or cities. The train has it all, and you’re right there to see it.

4. It’s cheaper

Train tickets are way cheaper than plain tickets for most of the times, so it’s easier for low-budget passengers to travel long distances without having to spend most of their cash on a single ride.Also, traveling by train is way faster than doing it by bus, and is also more flexible, so that’s a huge advantage for spontaneous travelers that don’t need much planning before jumping out to their next adventure.

3. It’s better for the world

Believe it or not, and contrary to what most people may think, traveling by train leaves almost no environmental footprint, and is a more ecological mean of transportation than cars, buses, and even planes.Trains can transport hundreds of passengers at the time and don’t need as much combustible as other means of transportation. Also, modern trains are based on sustainability and are partially made of recycled materials.

2. Convenience

Even the older trains that don’t have reclining seats are way more comfortable than most seats in buses and planes, at least if we’re talking about traveling in coach and not business class or something like that.Traveling by train is extremely comfortable. Usually, trains have bigger seats, and feature a lot of different cabins where passengers can entertain themselves while traveling, like restaurants or movie theaters.

1. Safety

Contrary to common belief, traveling by train is actually the safest mean of transportation, even safer than traveling by car, as statistically, there’s a lower risk of suffering malfunctions or people getting hurt at all.Also, you don’t need to worry about traffic, car accidents, tolls or whatnot, and most of them have police and properly trained security staff on board to prevent any kind of crime or accidents.