Gone are the days of the Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian, the most famous luxury trains in the world. Or are they? If these are already ‘low cost’! In spite of everything, there are still more exclusive options to travel in luxury in 2019. We have discovered the most luxurious trains in the world: plenty of options to cover the most refined and exquisite tastes there are.

Orient Express

Making the spectacular trip with Orient Express is still possible in 2019, the Belmont company offers this travelers the route from Paris to Istanbul, making a great 6-day trip on the rails. You can take the same trip Hercules Poirot took. The price? One has to ask for oneself because it depends on the room and features everyone may need.

Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail is one of the most exclusive and marvelous in the whole world. It has different routes throughout Africa, he passengers can see sights of Dar es Salaam, Victoria Falls, Tanzania, Namibia, Cape Town, among many others. Depending on the route and duration, it’s going to cost more than USD 22.000.

The Blue Train

The Blue Train is one of those luxury trains we can’t seem to have enough of, found in Africa, The Blue Train runs across the distance between Pretoria (South Africa’s capital city) and Cape Town in just 27 hours, although the trip provides some time to explore and make tours, for instance, to Kimberley’s Mine.

Maharaja’s Express

Back in the time of the British colonies, luxury was something demanded by those holding power and Maharaja’s Express continues to provide a superior traveling experience to its passengers. The longest trip, called the ‘Indian Splendor’ from New Delhi to Mumbai, includes 8 days (but including only 7 nights) visiting Agra, Udaipur, Jaipur, and, if the fancy strikes, even a safari!

Tsars Gold Trans-Siberian Train

This was the most exclusive train, back on the Russian Empire Era, but this train was restored to its magnificent days to run as one of the most luxurious trains in the whole world. The journey goes across Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok. More than 9 thousand kilometers compose this 15 day trip, all included even the Tsars’ luxury.

The Andean Explorer

Peru owns this beauty, the Andean Express, that, as its name implies, runs across the beautiful Peruvian Andes on trips with a duration from one to three days, one of the highest routes in the world, goes from Cusco towards Lake Titicaca. A spa car was installed in 2018, so if the temperature gets too cold, you can always hit the sauna and warm up.

The Ghan

The Ghan is a great option if you want to cross across Australia from north to south (or the other way around), in a very luxurious way. This train will take you from Darwin to Adelaida – give or take 3 000 kilometers- in just 54 hours. But, remember, the joy lays on the details, and Australia can switch from a very civilized land to a wild one in just a step.