Are you planning on traveling for less than a week in your favorite city? Come on board as you learn how you can cut down costs of train tickets and save money for other stuff. There are many train operators in popular train routes; this means that there is a competition between them as they try to differentiate themselves regarding price and quality of service. You will find independent train websites willing to help you find the right routes that will take you to your destination faster. This direct and automatic route comes with a price; some of them are expensive when compared to other alternative routes which might be slower but cheap. If you are shopping for train tickets online, you can take out your time to compare your options in other to get the best deals, but here are some simple ways to get cheap train tickets for your travel:

Buying in advance

This is one proven way to make sure you get your travel tickets at competitive rates. You should never fail to seize this ideal opportunity when next you plan on traveling by train. Buying in advance offers the cheapest types of ticket sold, and there are available for most long-distance trips. Even if you plan on traveling on a first class ticket, the first advance single tickets are more economical. You should, however, be ready to book them as early as possible because these kind of tickets are often in limited supply.

Usually, tickets are made available to commuters from 12-weeks before the travel date and can be bought up until 6.00pm before the actual date of travel. You can join a train’s company alert service and get email notifications of advance tickets. The real-time availability of advance tickets is also available on most train service websites. You can also place reservations on your favorite seat using the advanced tickets. You can save up to 43% of the cost of purchasing your ticket on the day of travel using the advance tickets. You can even mix and match town advance tickets for both to and fro and save good money while you travel. Advance tickets can also be bought online when the train operators display it on their website.


You can cut down on the cost of travel by avoiding the busiest times of travel and by traveling during the off-peak periods. You can choose to avoid traveling between 6.00am and 9.00am, 5.00pm and 7.00pm, this way, you will save more money and avoid paying extra charges. Traveling at off-peak periods will not only help you save money, but you will enjoy your journey as there will be fewer passengers and less noise. You can also consider buying single tickets instead of using the return tickets; this will also help you cut down on cost.

Most of the train service websites allow passengers to mix and match their single fare tickets; this will help you get a good journey combination.