Trains have been one of the main methods of transportation for the past 100 years. Their invention changed the way we related to distance and opened new possibilities. Lately we see an amazing development of the trains, especially in the Asian countries where they started to compete with the planes in terms of speed and comfort. They are very fast and take the traveler through some of the best places in Asia. One trip with such a train can be quite equivalent to visiting the whole country. But choosing the best trip can be quite tricky because they are all very cool. We have listed some of the most interesting train trips in Asia and the cities to see while traveling in order to make your experience even better.


The Shangri-La train will take you in one of the most epic journeys in Asia. You will make more than 2700 kilometers in just 11 hours. The train leaver the beautiful city of Beijing and has as a final station Kunming.  During this journey you will be able to observe some of the most regions of China. The best part is when you enter Yunnan, one of the most south-western parts of China. You will watch the Yellow River sway near the railway and observe the change in landscape from one minute to the other. It is truly an amazing experience.

The Panda

The Panda train will take you in one of the most history rich trails. You will leave the Chinese capital and head to the city of Nanjing. The tragic history of this city marked the history of this country forever. You will also pass through Chongqing, the megacity that stays as a border between western and eastern China. The landscape on this route is truly amazing. The stop is Chengdu, the home of one of the most amazing Panda reservation and preservation centers in the world. This place is worth visiting. Besides the beautiful animals, it offers some breath-taking views.

The Expresses

Eastern and Orient Express is one of the most amazing train rides in the world. The renewed trains don’t reach the speed of sound, but they will quickly take you through some of the most amazing places in South-East Asia. The train leaves from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and stops in Singapore. On the way you will be able to observe the raw beauty of the jungle area and the old cities that still stand after hundreds of years.


Kunming is also the starting point of one of the most beautiful train routes in the world. The stop is in the city of Hanoi. The whole railroad is carved in the mountains and there are many places in which you will feel like you are in the clouds. The prices are not very high, and you will definitely get a once in a lifetime experience while traveling on this route. You will be able to observe the raw nature of Asia.